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Common Cell Phone Damages

There are common problems that technicians deal with every day. These are particular problems that most cell phone repair technicians handle on a daily basis. Most of the common areas of damages are not covered by the manufactures warranty. These issues are fixed by a technician, or you have to do it yourself. Most of these damages are unavoidable and likely to occur at any time.

Top 5 cell phone damages that require repair

Water damage

Water damage is one of the most common phone repairs taken to the technicians. This is because it is hard to avoid water when dealing with cell phones. Water damage is reversible, but sometimes the repair is not successful when the damage goes too far. Water would corrode some parts of the cell phone especially if the phone was completely immersed in water. Home remedies like immersing the phone in rice can be used to recover the phone. Taking it to the technician, however, is the best way to get rid of water stuck internally.

Cell phone speakers

Speakers are also common cell phone damages. The cause of damaged speakers is usually corroded parts of the speaker. At times, parts of the speaker also get lose, and this creates problems when it comes to sound production. Accumulation of dust in the speaker also causes damage to the speakers.


The development of touch screens has made this problem less common now, but still phones with buttons are still common with this problem. Phone buttons slowly die out as a result of long periods of use. The solution to this is usually very simple, and many technicians can handle it. The professional may recommend cleaning of the buttons if the problem is less severe. In worst case scenarios you may require a complete keypad replacement.

Charging port

Most phones with a problem might require a replacement of the charging port. Many people do not discover this problem, and they tend to think it is a problem with the battery or the phone charger. If your phone has problems charging maybe, you need to check the charging port.

Screen replacement

It is obvious that screen replacement is one of the most common cell phone damages. Broken screen is just some of the problems that technicians have to deal with every day. Broken screens are maybe common as a result of falls and other problems. Problems …

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