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Reasons to Use an Online Fax Service

The online fax service has boosted the fax industry. Very many people have switched from the old-fashioned fax to online fax services. This is because it has been made so much easier. There are various benefits of using these services, such as saving on time and energy.

Communication through fax is still widely used all over the world, with services like fax online with Google office suite making its way to the digital market. In some industries, it is used as the main method of sending and receiving documents. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a fax service that is convenient and serves you well. Here are some of the reasons why you should use an online fax service.

Send and Receive Faxes Round the Clock

With online faxing, all you need is a device that has access to the internet. With the current fast-emerging digital era, the internet is available in your palm. This has enabled the fax service to be available at any time, and you can send a fax message from any place. You could be at a restaurant and easily send a fax in a minute.

Affordable Charges and Little Maintenance

Online faxing is environmentally friendly because it reduces the amount of paper required. Therefore, it reduces the cost of faxing services as there is no need to but printing paper. The online faxing services charge from $4.95 for 500 pages. It is a good price compared to the traditional fax service. If you also like to spend your money economically, using an online fax service can help you.


The online fax service offers a lot of conveniences. With this, you can send your fax to more than one person. This makes it easier than having to send the same fax several times. If you receive a fax, your mobile device notifies you, and you can easily open it. With traditional fax, you have to wait at the machine to receive your fax. You also have to keep checking if you have enough paper. The online faxing service makes it much more convenient.

Storage Efficient

Information should be stored well because scenarios may arise where it needs to be revisited. Online faxing makes storage very much easier. All your fax is stored in the cloud, and your information can remain there for a long period. On the other hand, traditional faxing would need so much physical …


A Guide to Using Gmail to Fax: All You Need to Know

Business communication is one of the factors that determine whether a business will succeed or not. A company needs to maintain a smooth flow of information in all aspects including customers, suppliers, its staff and all stakeholders. When we mention communication in business, it is crucial to know that many channels are available, especially when doing formal communication.

As much as email and telephone channels are the popular ones today, others like faxing are still being used by some institutions. New businesses may not see a need in buying a fax machine, but they will be locked out of communication with others entities still using this method of communication.

Getting a Gmail Account

First things first. You will need to have a Gmail account for your business as the starting option. According to those who have been using this option, acquiring this account is free and involves a few steps. If you know one or two things about emails, you probably do need an IT expert to set it up for you. For companies where an internal IT company is available, why not have them set up one for you.

Get a Reliable Faxing Service Provider

Numerous online fax service providers will help you get a fax address and allow you to send a fax using your Gmail account. While some offer these services for free, others do charge a monthly fee. New entrants into the business world can use the free services since the budget is tight. However, they will have to cope with pages full of advertisements and other drawbacks.

The other option is to use premium sites that charge for services. Try those which offer a free trial so that you can know whether to upgrade or not. These sites will issue you with a fax address which you will use to receive fax messages from various senders. It is also the same number that will appear on their side when you fax them.

Another thing an excellent online fax service provider will do is sort out your messages. Since they will come through your synchronized Gmail account, it is crucial to have then arranged well. Finally, they will offer starting tutorials and continuous support to their clients.

Sending a Fax Through Gmail

As a business person or a staff working in a company that offers such services, you are required to know the procedure of sending …

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Easy Steps for Sending Faxes From Gmail

Thousands of people have been using Google Gmail services for business or personal matters. It is also used for sending online faxes. Google has been updating its services to include other advanced features like Google drive for the calendar, storage, photo, document editing, and management. A few decades ago, people could not send many items through their computers apart from emails. By that time, email accounts had a limited storage space. Sometimes people could not receive messages when their inboxes were full. Things changed in 2004 when Google introduced their new webmail service. Since then this has eliminated the problems that have been facing people when sending or receiving emails.

The use of the internet has helped in connecting people in different parts of the world. In the modern days, you can easily send free faxes from Gmail. Google has integrated an en email faxing service that used in sending faxes. This article is going to help you understand how to send fax from Gmail free. Users are provided with virtual fax numbers, and they can easily convert the outgoing and incoming faxes through Gmail. This has eliminated the needed for the faxing machine. Additionally, this service has helped people in saving money and time. The good thing about this feature is that it does not need lengthy setups. You do not have to purchase additional hardware or even install complicated cables.

Types of Gmail fax services

These services include Efax and RingCentral. With these services, users can easily create free accounts that enable them to access the free services for up to 30 days. Having access to these features is a great way of learning how to fax for free. You will also have an opportunity of trying these services before choosing your plan. However, the free service does not have security features, and it is advisable not to use it when faxing documents that contain confidential information.

Basic steps for sending faxes for free from Gmail
  • Creating your new message: After signing in, a new email is created by clicking the compose button.
  • Entering the receiver’s information: This information is entered in the “To” section. Enter the fax number and the receipts email. The fax number will help you in pacing the information of the internet fax provider. The fax’s title will be the subject of your email.
  • Attaching documents that need to be faxed
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