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A Few tips on Saving Fuel

Many people find that they are visiting the gas station more often than they would want to, and with increasing fuel prices it is an area that anyone would want to save money.

Many gas stations compete in price, and you must always try and locate a gas station that give you a competitive price.

Let’s look at a few tips, like driving efficiently that will help reduce fuel consumption, which will reduce expenses and even help the environment. There many aspects that impact a car’s MPG (miles per gallon) and although some vehicles declare to have an exceptional MPG rating, it is still down to the driver to guarantee they are achieving this figure. By following these tips, it is possible to conserve as much as $600 per year.


Whether you have a little eco car or you are having a luxury vehicle, the most significant reason for ineffective driving is down to the motorist. Below are a few common errors made by drivers, that lead to bad fuel performance:

1. Aggressive stop-start driving

Many motorists make the mistake of braking and accelerating too hard. This is typical since the driver is in a rush to get to their destination! Nevertheless, research reveals that in truth heavy acceleration and breaking only reduces travel time by about 4 % whereas fuel consumption increases by a huge 40 %. Sluggish acceleration and gentle breaking are the way to combat this wastefulness.

2. Selecting the correct gear

By driving in 3rd gear when it is possible to be in 4th, the engine is required to work more and burn more fuel than is needed. By moving up to a high gear at around 2000-2500rpm, is ideal as long as the driver does not increase speed rapidly. Of course, it is also possible to be in a gear that is too high for some conditions. For instance driving up a hillside at a high gear will make the car struggle. If you feel, the car struggling then it is best to move down.

3. Do not idle

The MPG when the engine is running and the isn’t vehicle moving is 0, meanings that if the automobile is stationary in excess of a minute it is smart to turn the engine off (except in traffic). It takes a negligible quantity of fuel to switch the engine back on again.

4. Keep a stable

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