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Keeping Your Event Photographer Informed

Business relationships, like any relationships, are a two-way street. The expectations of both parties require to be clear and easily understandable. Each situation, where you need a professional photographer, can be captured in a lot of methods, positions, angles. It’s quite safe to say that there are no two identical photos taken at any one time or location.

However, what occurs when you are searching for a particular photo of someone or getting an award just to find that the professional photographer had spent his time taking guests pictures and table photos when he was expected to record the action on stage? It might sound weird; however, it does take place.

How do you avoid such things from happening and getting the shots you are searching for?

Supply a Short or Program Sheet

Events will usually run according to a program sheet. Personnel as well as audio and visual personnel. Nevertheless, don’t forget your photographer since he/she won’t know what’s showing up next, and depending upon lighting conditions might need to prepare their equipment settings.

Pre-Event Meetings

If you haven’t informed your photographer prior to your big event, then you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Not just should you see their work, but, how they interact, is their look going to draw in or distract your visitors. What backup plans do they have in place in case of device failure?

During Event Checks

Some photographers might find this bothersome, however, that is their issue, and they will certainly need to deal with it. Throughout your occasion, you must ask the photographer if he has caught particular images and if possible show them to you either on a computer or on the electronic camera itself.

Interaction is the key

Let the professional photographer understand what you want to use the images for. Different angles and styles of shots can work much better for different uses. What you want for an in a newsletter might be a lot different to what you need for a trade magazine or to use in an ad. The more details you can give your photographer, the much better they will understand the best ways to meet your requirements.

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