The Science Behind Kneeling Chairs

Naked woman sitting on knee rest chair

The Science Behind Kneeling Chairs

Naked woman sitting on knee rest chairHave you ever thought of why things are made the way they were? Or pondered on how a certain design can be of any additional function aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal? If your answer is yes to one or both questions, read on because I plan to give a brief explanation on this topic.

Ergonomics is the science that focuses on assuring a certain object is made to be more efficient. An example of this is the kneeling chair – a chair with a stool that supports the shins. What makes this such a remarkable invention is that it promotes well being in the form of a very simple yet smart solution: adding a resting place for your shins. So, where is the ergonomics in that? What is the logic behind the stool making the chair safer, easier, more efficient and comfortable to sit on, and how can it be good for our health?

Kneeling chairs encourage proper posture by making one lean forward to distribute some of the weight from the back and buttocks to the shins (as in a kneeling position), thus drastically reducing the chances of having lower back pains and in turn improves comfort. Great comfort while working may result to a dramatic change in mood causing less stress and increase in productivity.

woman standing behind Knee rest chairSome of you might say that this is quite a stretch but that is just the reality. It’s one of the best furniture pieces you can buy.
Ergonomics – a little tweak in the design, whether we are aware of it or not – makes a big positive difference. The saying ‘a little goes a long way’ is true. You doubt how such a tiny detail can make a huge impact but it happens every time we cannot find that blue top in our closet. We have a dozen other clothes we can wear but it annoys us that one blue top is missing.

I think that we should put this in mind the next time we shop. Let us not be quick to dismiss the importance and effects of ergonomics in our lives because these things were not created in vain.

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